What is Triple Butter Soap?

All our Triple Butter soaps are made using a blend of three premium luxury butters, that is cocoa butter, shea butter and kokum butter. Each butter contributes to the most creamy and nourishing bar of soap.

A cold process soap is generally made by the saponification process. So what is saponification? It is the chemical reaction between an alkali and fatty acids. In our case, alkali is sodium hydroxide and fatty acids can be any oils or butters. Every oil or butter that we add into our soap contributes different characters to the final bar of soap. 

For example, coconut oil contributes to the cleansing factor and olive oil contributes to the gentleness of soap. Likewise butters contribute to the creaminess and richness of the soap. The more the quantity of butter, the more the creaminess of soap. We are proud to say that these butters are the major constituents of our soap.

So now you can understand why our soaps are producing such a wonderful creamy rich lather that is gentle and nourishing on your skin. 

It does not strip off your natural oils and help to maintain healthy glow of your skin. Our soaps are rich in glycerin which is a byproduct of saponification process. Glycerin is a humectant which helps to provide hydration to your skin.