Say YES to plastic free packaging

Every day tonnes of plastic waste is thrown upon our earth which are neither bio-degradable nor reusable. It takes hundreds of years for plastic to be decomposed. Plastic pollution is hazardous to many living species especially marine organisms. 

Our day to day products contribute majority of this plastic pollution. For example, most of the commercial bath products comes in a plastic packaging. Can you imagine how many plastic bottles have you thrown into the waste?

It's time to wake up and take those baby steps towards the plastic free lifestyle!

We offer 100% plastic free packaging with our products. Every soap comes with a stylish, neat, elegant looking box made out of recycled materials and is bio degradable. 

What our soaps can be?

It can be part of your natural skincare regime. It can be part of your zero waste journey. It can be part of your simple living lifestyle. It can be your trekking or camping partner. Come on, its skin and earth friendly!