Let's talk about ingredients!

Laksh Botanica soaps are made exquisitely with high quality plant based oils, luxury butters and pure essential oils. Each and every ingredient is meticulously selected and checked for its purity. We buy our ingredients from suppliers who put loads of effort to make it more sustainable.

All of our ingredients are vegan and cruelty free. We do not compromise on that. 

We like to achieve unique aesthetic look on our soaps using natural clay, herbal powders, herbal infusion as an additive which gives them unique colors and texture. It imparts incredible skin benefits into the soap thereby benefiting your skin to achieve its ultimate glow. 

Many of our additives such as plant based milk, vegetable extract are freshly made at the time of production and it really helps to do the magic on your skin.

Zero Sulphates? yes we do not add synthetic detergents like sulphates to make our soap. Our soaps are made using the process called saponification which is a natural reaction between an alkali and fatty acids.

Zero palm? yes we do not add palm oil or palm oil derived products in our soaps as it is against our values. We love to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Zero Artificial fragrance? Yes we are completely into plant derived essential oils which are natural and biodegradable unlike synthetic fragrances. yes the scent of essential oils tend to fade away over the time, but the efficacy of our product remains the same.

Zero Dyes? yes we do not add artificial colorants such as mica or dye into our soaps. We rely on natural clays, botanicals, herbal infusions for our soaps to achieve its unique colors. Natural colors tend to fade away over the time, but the efficacy and potency stays still much like essential oils.

Rest assured. Go ahead and try our soaps to bring back your skin to its healthiest self in a most natural way and help us contribute to our green earth.